obtaining email username

  1. Log in to Self Service Banner by clicking Login on the top right of this page.
    • Enter your User ID and PIN, then click "Login".
    • If this is your first time logging in, refer to the First-Time User Tutorial below.

  2. Click Personal Information tab.

  3. Select View Email Address.

  4. Make a note of your student email address. Your email user
    name is the information prior to the @ sign. Example:
    jdoe4@student.westgatech.edu. Your user name would be

  5. Exit Banner Web to close your session

first time logging into email

  1. Go to Student Email Login (located in Current Students on the left side of screen)

  2. Enter your user name and password

  3. Select Login
    Example: Username: jdoe4
    Initial Password is your 8 digit birth date (MMDDYYYY) If
    your birthday is January 1, 1990, then your password is

  4. Once you are logged into email, go to Options then select
    Password to change your password. (Please note for future

  5. Enter your birth date (mmddyyyy) in the Enter Your Old
    Password box. Select a new password of at least 6 characters.
    In the Choose a New Password box, reenter the new

  6. Make sure to set a Security Question and Answer. This is a
    required field and must be entered before saving your new
    password and will be your only means of resetting your
    password. Choose a question only you can answer correctly.

  7. Select the Help box for a list of additional instructions and
    information about your WGTC student email account.

  8. Always remember to Logout before closing your email.