Private Student Loans

Private loans are for “gap” financing or as a last resort to pay for educational expenses, such as outstanding tuition, fees, and books. Applicants must have a current and/or verified FAFSA with an existing unmet need after the Expected Family Contribution and Expected Financial Aid is removed from the college's Cost of Attendence. The college does not certify loans for living expenses as it is our policy not to encourage students to incur additional debt for their college education. Students who have existing student loans will have to meet additional criteria to remain eligible for Title IV and HOPE funds.

Sallie Mae - Smart Option Student Loan

Wells Fargo - Student Loan for Career and Community Colleges
Wells Fargo lender code is 807176

Any private student loan for which a student wishes to apply must be a private student loan provider which will disburse funds directly to the college. Please contact the Financial Aid office if you have questions.

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