Library Acceptable Use Policy

In keeping with West Georgia Technical College’s educational mission, Library Services provides access to computers and the Internet for patrons. Computers are to be used for educational and instructional use only. Playing computer games is strictly prohibited.

Computer software reflects current curricula. Additional software programs are not to be loaded or downloaded. Configuration changes are not allowed. Files and folders are not to be saved or loaded to the computer desktop. Changes to the desktop are prohibited.

The Internet is a global system with information from various sources including corporations, foundations, organizations and individuals. The Library is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the information on the Internet, or the statements, views and opinions expressed there. Some material may be offensive to some people and inappropriate for viewing by children. Pornographic and obscene images are not to be viewed or printed.

While the Library attempts to protect each patron's right to confidentiality, Internet users should be aware that others in the library would be able to see what is on the screen. It is necessary for Internet users to close the interfaces completely to prevent the next user from retracing the previous search.

Much of the Information freely available on the Internet is copyrighted. "Fair Use" provisions may apply as they do to most materials found in the library. Please see Title 17 of the U.S. Code for complete information on the United States copyright law.

The West Georgia Technical College Libraries follow the Technical College System of Georgia's Acceptable Computer and Internet Use policy. Failure to follow these policies/procedures and the Library's policies as noted above will result in the loss of computer/Internet privileges.

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