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Semester Scholarship Applications Open Deadline to Apply for Scholarships
Summer Semester March 20, 2017 April 19, 2017


Students, WGTC is pleased to announce a new web interface to be used in applying for West Georgia Technical College Foundation scholarships. AwardSpring software will facilitate and streamline your scholarship application process. (Be sure your internet browser is Internet Explorer version 10 or beyond, or use any version of Chrome or Firefox.) All returning WGTC students who have completed one semester of study and have a minimum GPA of 2.0 are encouraged to apply.

Step 1: Create an Account

Visit https://wgtcfoundation.awardspring.com and create an account using your student email address. You will be emailed a link to confirm your registration. Please record your password for future use, as you will use this same account and password to apply each semester.

Based on your GPA, program of study, and other factors specific to your account, you will automatically be matched with scholarships for which you qualify.

Step 2: Apply for Scholarships

To apply: https://wgtcfoundation.awardspring.com

Some scholarships require proof of residency or other specific documents you will need to upload. Be sure to provide all information that is requested.

You do not have to complete the application all at once. You may log back in with your student email address and password at any time.

Step 3: Register for Classes

A scholarship application for Summer Semester will not be considered for a scholarship unless you have registered for classes by April 30, 2017. (You do not need to upload your registration.)

Step 4: Notification

You will be notified by student email confirming or denying your scholarship award(s) beginning May 1st, but no later than May 2nd.

Step 5: Thank You Letters

All students who have been awarded scholarship funds must write and upload a thank you letter by May 8, 2017, in order to receive the award.


Frequently Asked Questions for WGTC Foundation Scholarships

How do I apply for a WGTC Foundation Scholarship?

  • Students must apply each term by the published deadline
  • Review the available scholarships and criteria to determine if you qualify for a particular scholarship
  • Submit the completed application online within the published deadlines
  • Please note the scholarship application deadline and the deadline for registering (located on the application) to be considered for a scholarship. No applications will be accepted after the scholarship deadline.

If I am awarded a scholarship, what happens next?

  • The Foundation Office will send an email to all students confirming or denying your scholarship award(s).
  • If you receive a scholarship, you will be required to write a “thank you” letter to the donor and upload it to the scholarship application software (AwardSpring). The donor will be named in your award email.
  • West Georgia Technical College's Institutional Advancement Office staff will handle promotional coverage of all scholarships. They may request additional information from you and/or a photo for promotional publications.

West Georgia Technical College Foundation Scholarships (click image to download PDF)



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