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***Attention Students***

The WGTC Bookstores will be temporarily closed today from 1:00p.m until 4:00p.m due to Systems related issues. We will resume normal hours of operation on Monday May 1, 2017. If immediate assistance is needed, please contact Chris Gibson at 770-947-7325


The WGTC Bookstores will be opened for Summer Semester Book Buyback April 27, 2017 through May 11, 2017 at all locations.  Please be advised this is a tentative date and is subject to change without notice. Please review the Book Buyback Policy as stated @



West Georgia Technical College's Bookstores stock texts and miscellaneous supplies that students need for their classes.  Each bookstore carries the books for the courses that are offered at that campus.

Calculators, notebooks, and pens and pencils are among the supplies stocked in the Bookstores.

You can now save up to 40% on your textbook purchase; we now offer rental books and e-books (Jumpbooks) through the campus bookstores.

Any questions about the bookstores can be referred to the Textbook Coordinator at 770.947.7325.

Financial Aid book allowances are available as credit in the bookstore one week prior to the beginning of classes. You may now use your Financial Aid Book allowances (Hope GED, Pell and Loan) for online purchasing.

Book Price Lists for Spring Semester

Carroll Campus Bookstore
Coweta Campus Bookstore
Douglas Campus Bookstore
LaGrange Campus Bookstore
Murphy Campus Bookstore
Online Learning Courses Book List

Online Bookstore

Shop WGTC's Online Bookstore

NOTICE:ISBN’s or prices are subject to change without notice

Hours of Operation:

Murphy Campus   Carroll Campus
Monday – Thursday   Monday – Thursday
8:30 am - 7:00 pm   8:30 am – 7:00 pm
Carolyn Ellis, Bookstore Assistant   Lisa Carlson, Bookstore Assistant
770.537.5732   770.836.6702
Douglas Campus   LaGrange Campus
Monday - Thursday   Monday - Thursday
8:30 am – 7:00 pm   8:30 am - 7:00 pm
Catherine Frazier, Bookstore Assistant   Christian Brown, Bookstore Assistant
770.947.7229   706.756.4611
Coweta Campus  
Monday - Thursday    
8:30 - 7:00 p.m.
Kourtney Breeden

All campus bookstore locations are closed from 1-2 pm for lunch (unless otherwise noted).

Book Buyback Policy

1.  Only books that are in good condition will be bought back.

2.  Books may be bought back for up to 50% of retail.

3.  Books will be bought back at the discretion of the bookstore staff.

4.  The following will not be bought back:

  1. Books that contain writing or excessive highlighting.
  2. Books that are damaged (including water damage, ripped covers, missing pages, and broken or unglued spines).
  3. No Workbooks or Manuals. 

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